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Russ Williams

When Russ first started training in the Martial Arts he wasn’t happy with the way a lot of the styles were taught. He felt someone would have to train for at least a good few months before it would have done any good if attacked on the street.
Russ wanted to learn a style that you could teach someone today and it’d help them straight away if they were attacked.
He started experimenting with different styles. He then saw a feature about Thai Boxing on a Granada Reports News Programme and went to train with Master Toddy.
At first he found the change over really difficult until Ronnie Green [who was then the European Thai Boxing Champion] showed him how to gradually change his style of training.
Russ Williams then became the first Thai & KIckboxing instructor in Wales. After winnning a British Thai Boxing title Russ fought and managed to knock out Tommy Van Der Burg from the famous Meijro Gym in Amsterdam to win his first European title. 
A year later Russ with the help of Master Toddy started his own fight night promotions. Russ then switched to fighting Kick Boxing. Russ became British Champion at 3 different weights, then beat Rico Brockington from Palm Beach Florida USA to become Undisputed World Kickboxing Champion. To celebrate Russ was invited with his brother Barry to have lunch at the House Of Commons in London with the Sports Minister



Has appeared on the Welsh TV and has been in local, national and international newspapers and magazines many thousands of times.
1st person in Wales to learn, fight & instruct the arts of Thai boxing & Kickboxing.
Trained fighters from beginners up to World Championship level.
Won 3 World Kickboxing titles at different weights, Had a remarkable feat in 1994 while still World Champion, 3 fighters that he had previously beaten also held World Titles at different weights. Holland’s Tommy Van Der Berg held the Super lightweight, Germanys Tommy Seiler the Lightweight & Ireland’s Paul Lenihan the Featherweight.
Was the 1st Thai or Kickboxer in Britain to have his fights on video, and sold in High street shops. His DVD has just come on sale.
Traveled the World either to instruct seminars, as a fighter, as Welsh representative of the World Kickboxing Association, or accompanying his own fighters.
Places visited- Honolulu Hawaii, Moscow, Nagoya and Tokyo in Japan, Finland, Ukraine, Germany, Spain, Ireland, Portugal, Holland and the USA.
Is also a Fully Licensed Professional Boxing Trainer.


(Russ with Deian and Clinton at Sain Recording studio's in Caernarfon editing the Double DVD)